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Managing your human resources and payroll functions can be time-consuming and complex. Our HR and payroll services streamline these processes, enabling you to focus on your core business activities. From recruitment and employee onboarding to payroll processing, benefits administration, and HR policy development, our experienced professionals handle it all. We stay up-to-date with employment regulations in the UK, UAE, and Thailand, ensuring compliance and providing valuable advice on HR best practices. Let us take care of your HR and payroll needs, allowing you to build a motivated workforce and drive business success.

Helen Kyprianou

HR & Payroll Manager

An efficient, accurate payroll service is vital to the smooth-running of your business. Just one mistake can create huge expense – not to mention a big impact on staff morale. That’s why we have assembled a payroll team with ample experience and expertise. Led by Helen, an expert Payroll Manager with over 20 years of experience, the team handles payroll, CIS, staff pensions, and payroll/HR-related questions.

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