When the world economy remains uncertain, the UK continues to hold a world- class reputation as a hub for European and US markets. A sound economic policy has delivered stability for small and medium-sized business in the UK, while UK incorporation brings its own prestige internationally. Meanwhile, doing business in the UK makes financial sense. With one of the lowest Corporation Tax rates in Europe, UK start-ups can retain most of their profits. There are also no restrictions on UK companies paying dividends to
shareholders abroad.

Yes – we already have relationships with most of the UK high street banks. Usually, company Directors and shareholders with a share of 20% or higher will be subject to a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, verifying your identity and assessing risk. We can help you navigate this process.

You’ll need to register for VAT when you exceed, or expect to exceed, the current VAT threshold. This is based on your VAT Taxable Turnover. Currently, the registration threshold is: £85,000. You can also register voluntarily – we can help you decide if this would be beneficial for your business.

VAT registration can take anywhere from three to seven weeks – or more – depending on how busy HMRC is and any additional information they require. If you have a UK-based Director, the process tends to be faster. While you can continue to trade during this period, our team can help you present the relevant information quickly and efficiently.

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